Probate and Estate Planning

A probate lawyer specializes in probate law, which concerns the issues associated with a person's death and the transferring assets in association with that death.

Before passing, a probate attorney helps with the creation of a last will and testament, trust planning (including living trusts) as well as powers of attorney and medical powers of attorney. During this process the probate attorney can aid with asset protection and the preparing and filing of all documents required by a probate court.

After passing, the probate attorney understands how to advise Personal Representatives and the beneficiaries of an estate on how to settle all of the final affairs of a deceased person. A probate lawyers also represent individuals in disputes related to the decedent's estate or when a beneficiary challenges the validity of the decedent's Last Will and Testament through a will contest.

As a probate attorney John R. McCabe can aid you in the preparation of your will, trust, and all expropriate documentation. He can also aid in filing and litigating of the estate through probate court.
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