Filed and Issued Applications

The following is a brief summary of some of the types of patent applications I have worked on:
Items of clothing are not generally patentable unless they possess a new feature. However, I have filed patent applications on items associated with nursing and sports brassieres.
Musical Instruments
Several patents have been filed related to stringed instruments related to resolving the differential tension along the string between the nut and the bridge and the string from the nut to the machine head or tuning peg.
Construction and Agricultural
I have filed several patent applications associated with the construction and agricultural industry, including associated with the reinforcement of door jambs and the fusing of resins onto agricultural implements to harden the product, which makes the implements last longer.
I have filed several patent applications associated with the trucking and transportation industry, including airfoils and other methods of improving the aerodynamics of vehicles, methods for covering loads, and safety devices for ensuring trailers were safe before opening.
I have filed several patent applications associated the furniture industry, including applications associated with motorized of articulating pieces of furniture.
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